Green Living Apartment Life

Ask most apartment dwellers and they’ll tell you that sustainable living in an apartment is not a realistic endeavor. All too often, though, they are thinking on the larger scale of a full-size home. However, green living apartment life is possible. Here are a few things you can start doing today to be a little kinder to the environment.

Choose Green Cleaners

Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are fantastic green cleaners, but there are plenty of store bought options as well. MethodSeventh GenerationMrs. Meyers and others are all exceptional choices.

Opt for Sustainable or Recycled Products

There are so many ways you can do this, from purchasing many of your furnishings, household items, and even clothing from second hand shops to cooking from scratch and buying in bulk. Choosing furniture that uses green processes and eco friendly materials is a good move too, as is buying an organic mattress.

Seal Up Tiny Air Leaks.

A small crack in the seal around your window can impact your apartment’s energy efficiency. Use a lit incense stick and hold it close to light fixtures, electricals outlets, and around the edges of doors and windows. If there is a leak, the smoke will waver. You’ll know exactly where the leak is, and you can seal it with a VOC free sealant.

Grow your own mini veggie garden.

You don’t need a huge garden to enjoy fresh, local foods. IF you have a balcony, porch, or windowsill, you can have your own mini veggie garden. Vertical planters and hydroponic systems are great ways to grow your own food in an apartment. Those who aren’t blessed with a green thumb can join a co-op and get fresh, local food as well.


Did you know that the charger for your phone or electronic device is still zapping energy if it is plugged in – even if it isn’t plugged into the device? The energy that escapes via this method, known as phantom energy, is a waste you can easily eliminate by unplugging when you aren’t using them.

Are you ready for a greener lifestyle? Let Arizona Rental help you find your next apartment and you can start your journey to more sustainable living. Call today and get ready to move.