You’ve found an apartment near campus and just agreed to share it with a roommate. How can you ensure co-habitation harmony? These tips will help.

1. Communicate. It doesn’t matter if you are best friends or don’t know each other at all, communication is vital if you will be living under the same roof. Your roommate is not a mind reader, so I something is bothering you, talk about it. Don’t keep your mouth closed while you fume about a situation, waiting until it blows up. Sit down and talk.

2. Exchange Emergency Contact Information. This is always a good idea because you never know when something could happen. Make sure that you have each other’s emergency contact in case of, well, an emergency. Discuss when your roommate should use the information (such as, I you are taken to a hospital, do they call? Or is it only when the situation is serious?) and let the people on your contact list know too.

3. Clean Up After Yourself. This shouldn’t need to be said, but it is all too common. Do not leave your dirty dishes lying around or leave your things in the common areas like the dining room and living room. If you share a bathroom, keep that space tidy too. Cleaning up after yourself is just a basic courtesy, but it goes a long way in maintaining roommate harmony.

4. Set Boundaries. Living with someone is not easy. There is an adjustment period, so it is good to set boundaries right away. Unfortunately, some people have no respect for boundaries, so you may have to stipulate a few things. For instance, you might have to tell them that you would appreciate no one entering your room while you are out and knocking if they want to enter while you are home.

5. Draw Up a Roommate Agreement. It is always a good idea to put things in writing, so after you’ve agree upon the terms of being roommates, you need to draw up a plan that explains the terms, then each roommate signs to acknowledge. Address things like how the chores will be divided, who cooks, terms regarding having people over, and other situations. It should be fair for all parties involved.

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