Typically, when confronted with living arrangements while in college, most students think either living with mom and dad or living in a dorm on campus. While these are perfectly fine options, there is a third – living in an area near your school. Having an apartment that is close to campus has some benefits that you may not fully enjoy if you live elsewhere.

You’re close to campus.

When you live close to campus you can take part in more school sponsored activities like lectures, presentations, and even attend some athletic events or productions by the arts department. If you have a job on campus, it is nice being so close.

Be near your peers and classmates.

You go to college to learn, but there is a certain social aspect as well. From study groups to campus parties, to meeting up with a few friends at the campus coffee shop, you are much more accessible when you live close by. Whether you are cramming for an exam or blowing of some steam, it’s all a lot more fun when you can do it with friends – and that is much easier when you all live near each other.

Cut your commute costs.

Commuting can be expensive. If you drive, you have fuel costs as well as maintenance on your car. Even public transportation can get expensive and it isn’t the most convenient method for getting around. When you live close to campus, you can significantly reduce your commute costs. You can even enjoy the health benefits of walking to school now and then.

Get a head start on adulting.

If you aren’t used to living on your own, living in an apartment near campus can be a great way to learn about paying bills, learn time management, and transition into adulthood in a much gentler, more fun way. Of course, the cool amenities that most off campus apartments offer don’t hurt either.

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