When you live in an apartment, noise is pretty inevitable. From the neighbor who plays his music a little too loud, to the upstairs neighbor who stomps from room to room. If you are trying to sleep, have a relaxing evening, have a baby trying to sleep, or just like the quiet, unwelcome noise can be grating on your nerves.

So, how do you make it stop? More to the point, how do you make it stop without getting management or the law involved? There has to be a happy medium, right? There is, and we have tips to help get you to the place where you can actually savor the sounds of silence.

Have a conversation

This may seem overly simple, but sometimes the simple way is the best way. Quite often, people don’t realize that they are loud. If you knock on their door and have a polite conversation, they may realize that they are sharing their noise with the world and will tone it down.

Make a plan

There are ways to block out the noise and you may need to plan for it. Invest in some good ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones to keep your space quiet. If you talk to your neighbor, the two of you can create a system so that when they know they will be loud, you can plan to be away.


Sometimes it may be necessary to move – not to another complex, although that may be what you want to do – but to another apartment or area of the complex. Just moving to another building can make all the difference.

Try to get an apartment on the top floor

Apartments that are on the top floor tend to be quieter so if you can manage to snag one, go for it. You may have neighbors beside you and beneath you, but you won’t be surrounded.

Talk to your landlord before you move in

Before you move in, talk to your landlord about your need for quiet. They may be able to put you in an area that is known to be less noisy. By communicating your needs and preferences with them prior to moving in, you give them the opportunity to be proactive and help you get into an apartment you’ll love.

Don’t be “that guy”

No matter where you go, there is always that one guy who calls the police, complains to management, writes nasty anonymous notes, and (this one is really special) beats on the wall or ceiling. Don’t be that guy. The last thing you want is to cause bad feelings between you and your neighbors. If you can’t work things out, you may have to get a little more assertive, but whatever you do, please be adult about it.

Think like a noisy neighbor

The old saying goes that we should try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before we judge them – so put yourself in their place. If you were the noisy neighbor, how would you like your quiet neighbors to handle the situation? Maybe you didn’t realize that your TV was so loud, or you didn’t know that your music blasted through the walls. Before you do anything, think like the noisy neighbor first.

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